Our Mission

Our goal is to bring style to the people, empowering millions of readers to discover
and share their style through inspiring features, expert tips, and innovative resources. Through our portfolio of editorial properties—StyleCaster, Beauty High, The Vivant, and Daily Makeover—
we offer an optimistic, tactical approach style from every angle. Through the fast-growing StyleCaster Community, we offer our readers a new way to engage with style and beauty content—and then share it!

Collection SS Group

COLLECTION SS is the high-growth media and ad-tech company that layers
patented over premium editorial content to make fashion and beauty actionable for brands and consumers.

Founded in 2009 and based in New York City, we operate four media properties,
and have partnered with more than 80 top-tier advertising partners since launch.
Our expansive portfolio includes the flagship property COLLECTION SS, as well as Beauty High,
Daily Makeover, and The Vivant. In 2014, COLLECTION SS Media Group was acquired by SheKnows Media,
an award-winning women’s lifestyle media platform and family of top lifestyle sites with a network of 43 million unique visitors per month (comScore).